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Advocate for diversity in tech.

I'm Georgiana Laudi

Working with founders and their teams, I help high-growth SaaS companies scale. Learn more  


Running free weekly workshops and in-depth training, I help tech marketers level-up. Learn more

Where to Find Me

SaaS Growth Advisory & Mentorship

I’ve been bringing brands, products and campaigns to life online for 15 years. I’ve worked with big brands and early-stage startups, but my true sweet spot for the last 8 years has been helping high-growth SaaS companies grow. 


At A Better CX Inc, as a marketing exec-for-hire, I work directly with founders and their teams to help them scale their efforts. 

Workshops & Training for SaaS Marketers

Along with Claire Suellentrop (former Dir. of Marketing at Calendly), I run free weekly workshops & in-depth training for SaaS marketers.


Forget The Funnel helps tech marketers become indispensable to their companies. We enable marketers to think strategically, develop marketing plans that directly impact revenue, and lead their departments with confidence.

Advisory Committee for Advancing Women in STEM

Funded by the Status of Women Canada, and led by YES Montreal, we aim to address and identify systematic solutions to a number of challenges stifling women’s retention of and access to leadership positions within the STEM industry.


We aim to provide access to strategies, tools and frameworks that build inclusive workplace environments, and ensure women’s retention and access to leadership roles. We’ll also support pilot companies as they create internal initiatives to support female employees, and influence organizational structures that hinder inclusivity and equal access to opportunity.

Strategy Sessions for Women & Underrepresented Founders

All of my current clients are companies led by white cis men, and while I love working with them, the lack of diversity is, well, discouraging. Nearly half of female founders (48%) cite lack of mentors and advisors as holding them back. (source)


I need to see things change in the industry that I love. I want to help level the paying field for companies run by women and other underrepresented groups. 


I’m offering free 60-Minute Marketing Strategy Calls to women and other underrepresented founders. (regularly $395 USD)

How I got here

When I began pursuing my degree in Digital Media, Communications at Concordia University in 1999, I knew I’d found my place, with the believers in how massively the Internet was changing everything. By the time I graduated in 2002, there was no turning back. The next few years of my life would be spent figuring out how to build a career online. 


From 2002 to 2010, I brought my family business from a brick and mortar in the burbs to one of the largest and most recognizable retail florists, #1 in Google and the first on social media in the city. It was a pretty satisfying way to contribute to a business that kept a roof over my head as a kid. It wasn’t long before others in the industry began to notice; I started writing a column for an industry mag and soon after started helping other businesses grow online. 


In 2008 I discovered Twitter and the local tech community. I was inspired to lead a quickly growing local community (to 2000+ members), and monthly standing-room only events for women in tech for 2 years.

From 2008 to 2012 I worked with advertising, web and design agencies and consulted to small and medium-sized businesses, from small startups to companies like Yellow Pages and AskMen.


In February 2012 I joined a young Vancouver based startup called Unbounce. By my 2nd year we more than doubled acquisition, contributing to the doubling of revenue for the company. In fact, for our revenue growth of 864% between 2012 and 2015, we won the 14th spot in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50™. During my 5 years there I helped grow the company from 15 to 185 employees and from $1M to $15.6M in Annual Recurring Revenue, all without any major funding. I resigned as the VP of Marketing in January 2017. 

I now help high-growth SaaS companies scale as a growth advisor,  marketing mentor and coach at my company A Better CX Inc. I work directly with founders and their teams as a marketing exec for hire. I also co-host Forget The Funnel, free weekly workshops and training dedicated to SaaS marketers. 

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