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I’ve been developing strategies and launching campaigns for companies of all shapes and sizes for 14 years. Over my career I’ve touched every digital channel there is. To say I’m passionate about what I do is a pretty serious understatement.


My marketing philosophy revolves around Customer-Centricity, Inbound Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization. I build marketing experiences that visitors would pay for and customer experiences that they can’t live without. 


An entrepreneur at heart, I move quickly but without sacrificing an inch of quality. I’m committed to proving you can be a doer and a still love the details.


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Inbound Marketing

Marketing is about giving… Giving so much value that your marketing itself would be worth paying for. Give your prospective customers a reason to listen to you, and more importantly, to trust you. Inbound Marketing is the single most powerful tool at your disposal to do that, and the best part is, you already have what it takes.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is not about optimizing websites or landing pages, it’s about optimizing experiences and decisions. Armed with even the simplest of tools, you could be learning about your customers and providing better marketing experiences in as little a week. Small gains in your conversion rate, will mean huge gains for your revenue.

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Really, Really Smart People

What some of the people who’ve worked with me say…

  • Gia's contribution ​to Unbounce ​has been immeasurable. She was instrumental in creating the extremely high standards we hold ourselves accountable to today in marketing, and a huge driver of the company's growth​.​

    Rick Perreault

    CEO — Unbounce

    Rick Perreault
  • G​eorgiana​ Laudi in nine words. Brilliant marketer and the best hire I ever made. When ​we needed someone that could to take our marketing - in the most critical time of a hyper-growth company - and make it scaleable, make it broader, and make it better than any of our competitors​, she delivered​. I’d say that year-over-year 100% revenue growth for the following 2 years speaks to both her strategic vision, but also her ​ability to get involved in the production of everything we were doing. Something that ​is an essential part of over-delivering in a startup environment. It also meant long hours, relentless hustle, adding new marketing channels, growing our brand (while protecting it with a diehard attention to detail), and pushing not only herself, but ​her team. Like I said, the best hire that you don’t get to make.

    Oli Gardner

    Co-Founder — Unbounce

    Oli Gardner
  • Georgiana has performed Search Engine Optimization for me on several occasions and for two separate companies. I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and easy to work with. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend her highly.

    Jay Milgrom

    Managing Member — Milgrom Group & PARE Group

    Jay Milgrom
  • Georgiana is a digital force of nature, pure and simple. She’s a consummate pro, delivering in her sleep (sometimes literally) and cutting into any task with laser-like marketing acumen.

    Liesl Barrell

    Co-Founder — Third Wunder

    Liesl Barrell
  • In the startup ecosystem there is a lot of chatter about hiring "A" players. Georgiana is a rare example of one, a true professional. I was lucky enough to cross paths with her on another project. When we launched OpenDesks, building a community was a critical task. I called Georgiana and she led our community building initiative from that moment. She also made key contributions to SEO, SEM, analytics, brand strategy, marketing, PR, messaging, and copy. Her social media efforts were directly attributable to press coverage by Entrepreneur, NYT, and WSJ. Her technical skills are sharp; her instincts for all things "Web" are even sharper. If you should be so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with or hire Georgiana, do it, don't think twice.

    Chris DiFonzo

    CEO — Opendesks Inc.

    Chris DiFonzo