Can’t buy me love, but you can come close.

After some persuasion from Laurent Lasalle, today I finally checked out Empire Avenue. The Edmonton startup officially opened its doors today as a sort of Social Influence Stock Market. Confused? Yeah, so was I, but I decided to spread some Canadian startup love, and so far I’m in! Hell, if I can get excited about badges on Foursquare, you know I’m into this.

Empire Ave has already made it to Wikipedia too, and Mashable gave it some attention back in June.

So far my (GIA) share price is only 11.264, but hey, it’s only day 1.

Are you on Empire Ave? Gimme a shout! I still don’t know how to say ‘hi’ to someone on there, but I promise to try and figure it out.

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Noah Sidel

I just signed up – no idea what it is or how it works, but just like Twitter & Foursquare, I guess we’ll soon find out!

Georgiana Laudi

oh awesome, I’ll look for you! me = (e)GIA :)


Cool! Now buy some shares in me already.

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