I’m Resigning as The VP of Marketing at Unbounce

Alternate blog post titles include “I’m Bouncing from Unbounce”, “It’s Time to Bounce” and “Unbouncy Unbouncer Bounces” Ok ok, I’m done.

When I joined Unbounce 5 years ago there were only 15 employees, we had no meetings rooms, no HR, no vacation bonus and Oli Gardner was deathly afraid of a stage. And, we all worked in the same room on the 4th floor of The Landing in Gastown, Vancouver. Since then, revenue has grown 864% to be exact, and there are nearly 180 Unbouncers working in 3 different offices and time zones. Working at one of the fastest growing companies in the country has been an invaluable experience to say the least.

December 2012 in Gastown

The Unbounce team, December 2012 in Gastown, Vancouver

My ‘marketing game’ has been upped in a very serious way too. Can you imagine how much I learned working as closely as I did with Oli (co-founder, marketing expert and now top-rated speaker) in those years? No one has ever both blown my mind and challenged me so much. Not to mention the mentorship of our CEO Rick Perreault, and all that comes with the marketing team growing to nearly 40 people. Nope, you cannot buy an education like that.

I moved across the country to beautiful Vancouver for 2 years to join the team, met my husband, then returned home to spearhead our first satellite office in Montreal. I’ve been so lucky to work alongside some of the most simultaneously talented, generous and genuine humans I’ve ever met (…I love you).


As a diehard achiever and a new mom, I crave both challenging work and balance. I know I can provide a ton of value and still sit down for dinner with my kids at night. For many complicated reasons and though it was a really tough decision, I just won’t find that at Unbounce, so I won’t be returning when my maternity leave ends in a few weeks.

So what’s next for me? 

I’m returning to consulting! Yep, I’m going to take all that I’ve learned over my now 15 years of marketing (insert awkward joke about how old I am), and pass it on to other businesses and entrepreneurs. I’ll be updating my website with this soon so I’ll be sharing that when it’s ready.

Thanks so much for reading. :)

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Dan Levy

Gia! As sorry as I am to see you leave, this makes me sooooo excited to see what you do next. Oh, and don’t be surprised if Unbounce is one of your first clients ;)


Gia, we didn’t get that much time to work together. I remember bumping into you in Sain-Henri park (with Russel and Hambone) and talking to you about ‘this great startup’ you were working with. I saw that adventure unfold from a distance. You will be missed! But, I can’t wait to see what your next adventure entails.

Carlos del Rio


Brendan Sera-Shriar

Wow! Well, congrats :) I remember when you moved to BC to work for Unbounce. It was long after that I called you from Mtl with for some help with the first Brendan & Brendan client project. Long story short we ended one of the first on the in the partner program and grew our agency from 2 guys to almost 30 staff and over a million in revenue by year 2 – all because of Unbounce and you support and guidance. Thank you! And I’m still kicking it today with DayChamp.

Cristina Simpkins

Wow, sounds awesome Georgia… You must have learned soooo much I’m super impressed and curious to open your brain! Well done :)

Phil Sharp

Best of luck! Congratulations!

Oli Gardner

You took my simple marketing chops and built us a marketing team to be afraid of. It’s not easy (really fucking hard) to attain year-over-year growth of 100%, but that’s what you lead the team to achieve.

It was soooo much fun to go through that time with you, and learn from you, and it’s a true fact that I have you to thank for me becoming a speaker.

Love your no-bullshit approach, your understanding of the customer lifecycle, and how to choose channels that work.

And I’m stoked for your future clients.


Both Unbounce and the MarTech community will miss you!!!! And congrats on the decision and best wishes to you and the family.


Definitely *not* leaving the MarTech community but thank you Prasanth :)

Damien Ramé

Family is great, I totally understand where you are at Gia. It’s been a pleasure meeting you and the Unbounce team 2 years ago. Be proud of what you’ve achieved there. And best of luck in your new endeavours!


Thank you Damien, appreciate that. Maybe we’ll cross paths again soon, you certainly never know!


Like to see something on raising confident boys.